The Victorian Gallery housed a wide range of objects from around the world during the mid 19th century. These included items that belonged to the museum along with artefacts loaned to the museum for specific exhibitions.
Here is a list of some of the artefacts:
• Oil Painting ‘Tasting the Brew’, A. Puller. Donated by Mr. Thos. Bealey
• Models of machines, weapons of war, metal mosaics from India and China
• A Cinerary Urn (‘found near Wilmslow and filled with the bones of an ancient British Chieftain’).
• Toys for children including a ”Dobby Horse” thought to have belonged to a Greek or Egyptian child.
• Celtic, Irish, and Medieval objects including a square Willow drinking cup and Leather tankard (Black Jack).
• Egyptian hieroglyphs.
• Ancient Roman frescoes acquired by the Earl of Ellesmere.
• Japanese paper mâché armour with helmet, mask, body armour (front and back), armlets, thigh pieces, legs, saddle, and a pair of stirrups.
• Queen Victoria loaned presents from Siam:
o A pair of royal pantaloons of crimson stripe tissue cloth.
o Two pairs of hair-cutting scissors, inlaid with gold, one set with diamonds, the other with rubies.